Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m Andrea Holt. I am the creator of Happy Brain Movement.




I struggled with “mental illness” for as long as I could remember. Throughout the years, most doctors termed it “depression,” some called it “borderline personality disorder,” and I even labeled myself with “social anxiety.” As a child I was incredibly shy. As a young teenager I was brought to therapists and put on antidepressants. The first time I took an antidepressant I was thirteen years old.


I went off them, I went back on them. They stopped working, and my doctor would combine them with others. I was sent to psychologists. Back and forth, up then down. Never truly finding a way to be happy, just something to numb the brain.


When I was eighteen, I decided enough was enough. No more medicine.

No more therapists. I would find a way to do without.


Ups and downs persisted, although I hid it well; most of the time. I used alcohol just to be comfortable in a crowd, often overdoing it and regretting many drunken nights.


I became pregnant at age twenty-two with a rocky relationship and a burst of unsteady hormones. The calm that I had started to get a hold on erupted. It hurt to get out of bed, I just wanted to sleep all day. My life felt over. I didn’t feel I had anyone to talk to, I turned away my friends.


My beautiful daughter was born. The joy of this precious gift was overwhelmed by the dark cloud inside my brain. The low became unbearable; and back on medicine I went.


The medicine seemed to pick me up slightly. I knew it would never fix what was really wrong, it felt like a bandaid over a never-healing wound. I needed to change what was wrong and I needed to do it now. I decided, then and there, I would be happy… naturally… no matter what it would take.


Fast forward five years. I’ve read every book that I could get my hands on. I went to school for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach, specializing in improving mood naturally. I searched into the depths of every crevice that shone a light of promised joy. I’ve taken many bits of information from many different places and narrowed them down to the most important pieces, and put it all together in one place so that I could share it with others. There is not an easy answer. Because you can’t just focus on one area. One book says it’s all about positivity. One book says it’s all about nutrition. One book says it’s all about exercise. One book says it’s all about connection. It is and it isn’t. It all works together… holistically.


I’ve been off of antidepressants for four years now. :)


I’m happy. Filled with joy, actually. I live life with gratitude and I expect it to just keep getting better. I could never go back to where I was because now I know too much. My thought process has changed. I still see it in others, it’s quite easy to recognize now. I teeter on the edge of bringing it to their attention and just keeping my mouth shut. I want to see the ones I love happy.


In fact, I want that for everyone. A place to go where they can get good information and also positively connect with others who are going through the same struggle. Welcome to Happy Brain Movement. (click here for a website full of information + community! Keep in touch.)


Much Love,


Andrea Holt





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