Kiss Your Diet Goodbye


Join me and my friend and fellow health coach, Elizabeth Rider, for a 21-day online event where you will learn how to eat, what to eat and why to eat it. You’ll learn everything you need to know about food and nutrition in 21-days flat.


I’m hosting this Kiss Your Diet Goodbye program to answer all of your burning questions about how and what you should actually be eating. (Hint: It’s probably not what you think.)




Online. In your email inbox. In the comfort of your own home. At your own pace. Registration for this event is open only until February 18th, and it begins February 22nd!


Only 199! ($2,300 value)


We’re currently in session! Next program will run in March – April of 2016.




Amber Barry
Amber Barry Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Collinsville, CT
The Clean Up Your Diet program was exactly what I needed to fine tune and organize my healthy habits. The daily emails delivered clear, concise action steps that were really easy to put into practice, and my body is thanking me! My skin is so much clearer than before and my energy has absolutely skyrocketed since starting the supplements. Love. Love. Love! Everyone needs to do this.




Ultimately, to teach you the core concept of bioindividuality and that no one way of eating is best for everyone.

You’ll learn how to eat the best way for you—no prescribed diets here. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, carnivore, Paleo, pescatarian — the list goes on and on. No one way is best for everyone; one person’s food is another person’s poison.


  • To teach you how to figure out which way is best for you, with the underlying concepts that make every human body thrive.
  • To teach you about superfoods, how to take the most advantage of them, and how to turn them into delicious, unintimidating treats. (E.g. how to make kale actually taste good, and what to do with things like chia seeds. And what the heck is quinoa anyways?)selfie
  • To teach you what supplements are completely necessary (and which ones aren’t), how they work in your body, and how to choose what is best for you so you’re not wasting money every month. Most people are severely deficient in the basic vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for optimum health — you’ll learn how to not be one of them.
  • To teach you what foods are actually poisoning you and that you should never ever eat again. (Don’t worry, it’s probably not what you think. I won’t take away your most loved foods, we might just need to find healthier ways of eating them.)
  • To teach you the critical importance of your digestive health and how to properly take probiotics and digestive enzymes. Your digestion affects every single system in your body — especially your immune system and skin health. Every system in your body is affected when your digestion is off. (But don’t fret, we’ll get yours running like a well-oiled machine.)
  • To teach you how eating more can actually help you lose weight (if that’s your goal) and how no amount of gym time will get you the body you want if your nutrition is off.
  • To teach you how what you eat affects how you look far (far!) more than any cream, lotion or potion you can apply.
  • To teach you easy home cooking tips so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.
  • To teach you the healthiest foods to choose at restaurants and parties so you can stay on the wagon.
  • To teach you how to stay on track when you’re traveling.
  • To demystify “good vs. bad” fats, carbs and proteins.
  • To teach you how to save money at the grocery store and how to eat healthy on a budget.
  • To teach you how to make easy, healthy substitutions that you’ll love; these small things can add up to huge results.
  • To give you recipes, recipes, and more recipes. Did I mention recipes?
  • To give you a very clear picture of the food-mood connection, and how our food choices affect how we feel, think and act. Every. Single. Day.
  • To teach you the concept of “Primary Food” (the other non-food stuff that nourishes our souls) – and the importance of seeking balance in this crazy thing we call life. How we feel greatly affects our food choices, and vice versa.


Andrea Hood
Andrea Hood Certified Holistic Health Coach, Plaistow, NH
What I like best about the 21 Day Clean Up Your Diet program is the daily love delivered to my inbox each morning. Informative videos, pdfs, motivation quotes, and recipes–all of them are just what I need to jump-start my day in a positive, healthy way. Plus, the emails helped hold me accountable (something I really need) so that I was able to complete the 21 days as a healthier, better me!




Upon registration you’ll receive immediate access to your Getting Started Guide with loads of information on how to clean up your diet and life, including your suggested shopping list and resource guide to make your program a success. Starting on the first day of the program, you’ll get an email from me every day for 21 days with videos, handouts, tips, action items, recipes and heart-centered vibes that will teach you everything you need to know to eat and live well. (And don’t worry, you can do everything at your own pace — you won’t be a slave to this program.) All of the content is yours to keep forever and ever. During the 21-day event you’ll also take your custom AM and PM supplement packs, probiotics and digestive enzymes (included in the cost of your program) so you can feel the effects of what optimal levels of nutrients can do for your body.



  • 21-days worth of content (as described above), delivered straight to your email inbox each morning, in the form of downloadable handouts, worksheets, audios and private, easy-to-access videos on my website. ($2,100 retail value if we did this in one-on-one coaching.)
  • Full month’s supply of customized AM & PM multivitamin + supplement packs that include my basic recommendations for vibrant health. The entire pack is pharmaceutical-grade (which is an even higher standard than organic), scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. They’re also rated #1 in North America by 3rd party studies, tested by Consumer Labs, and come in convenient AM and PM packs—no bottles to hassle with. ($199 retail value.) Your packs include:

  • A complete, super-charged multivitamin to fill in the gaps of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you might be deficient in or lacking. We carefully chose a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support long-term health and well-being. This exclusive formula is among the most powerful and complete vitamin and antioxidant formulas available on the market.
  • A double distilled, mercury-free fish oil/omega-3 supplement for cardiovascular health (and shiney hair, pretty skin and strong nails).
  • An extra-potent anti-inflammatory grape seed extract + vitamin C supplement for immune health and anti-aging effects (on both the inside and outside of your body).
  • A resveratrol antioxidant supplement provides an extra dimension of antioxidant protection. This science-based formula contains resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, and grape seed extract—potent antioxidants that work together synergistically. This tiny supplement contains the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in five bottles of red wine—without the hangover.
  • A 2000 IU dose of maximum strength, highly-absorbable vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone mineralization and growth, supports cardiovascular health, and promotes a robust and balanced immune system. It is also important for the maintenance of muscle strength and coordination, and is essential for the healthy function of virtually every cell in the body.

  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade, milk-free probiotic supplement to support your digestive health. ($30 retail value.)
  • Full month’s supply of a pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzyme supplement to support your digestive health (with added super-green Spirulina for extra antioxidant power) ($36 retail value.)
  • 1 bag (9 servings) of a super-healthy, super-yummy meal replacement shake that you can use if you’re ever in a time crunch or on the go. This nutritious, plant-based meal replacement shake is right for just about everyone. It’s a clean, pure, vegan formula, unique for what it doesn’t contain — this shake is free of fructose, gluten, dairy, and soy. It’s packed with protein to give you sustained energy, and it has plenty of fiber to support healthy digestion. ($30 retail value.)
  • 1 water bottle/blender bottle to track your water consumption and shake up your shakes on the go when you need them ($9 retail value.)




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Only 199! ($2,300 value)




Josie Bouchier
Josie Bouchier Licensed Acupuncturist, Denver, CO
As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am always advising my patients on dietary and lifestyle changes. The information I learned in Clean Up Your Diet has been invaluable. I love the recipes, the resources, and the wide variety of dietary theories presented, all in an easy-to-implement format. Your diet effects the health of your entire body, mind, and spirit. It is essential that everyone learns how to clean up their diet and use food as medicine.

Still hesitating? See below for FAQ


Q: Who can join?

 A: Everyone! Participants just have to be over the age of 18 years old and not currently a distributor (associate) of or preferred customer of my product partner, USANA Health Sciences. Location doesn’t matter, all of the program content is delivered to your email inbox, and your supplement box will be delivered to your doorstep. (Prices may vary outside the US, contact me at for details.)

Q: What's the time commitment?

 A: On average each week, you’ll spend about 10-45 minutes watching the videos, reading handouts and completing the daily content. You can go through the information at your own pace; if you want to set time aside daily that’s great, or some people save up the week’s emails/content and go through them all on the weekend, and that’s great, too! I find these time frames are the perfect amount of training for you to learn a ton and digest the information, while still fitting easily into your busy life. You have access to your materials for life, so you can always pause your learning and restart when the time is right.

Q: Can men join this program?

 A: Men can absolutely join. In fact, I encourage it. Only one day of the program focuses on female-specific info. Our online Facebook forum is for ladies only, but men are more than welcome to join and will receive the same supplement package (equally good for men as it is for women) and access to all daily content.

Q: My life is so busy, will this program fit into my daily life and schedule?

 A: Yes, the entire program was created to easily fit into your day-to-day life. All of the content is delivered online and done on your own time. The content is also yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

Q: What happens if I fall behind on the daily content?

 A: Not to worry at all. Since all of the content is done on your own time, you can choose to go through it daily, or save it up for a day(s) that works better for you. There’s no homework, so you’ll never be “behind.” The content is yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

Q: Are there any 'liquid only' days?

 A: Nope. And I’m not a big fan of any cleanses or detoxes that have ‘liquid only’ days where you basically subsist on some kind of sugar water. Doing so slows down your metabolism, is completely unnecessary, and isn’t good for your mental health, either.

Q: I'd like to lose weight, is this program a good fit for me?

 A: Yes. While this isn’t a weight loss-specific program, you will learn the principles of losing weight through healthy eating. Most people find that they naturally lose a few pounds when switching to a clean diet and beginning a high-quality supplement regimen.

Q: Will I feel hungry on this program?

 A: Not at all. In fact, a cornerstone of the program is identifying and managing cravings and hunger.

Q: Are the supplements you use healthy and/or organic?

 A: Yes. I take what I (and you!) put in our mouths VERY seriously. I looked long and hard for the best supplements on the market and chose USANA Health Sciences because of their pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing practices, which is a higher standard than organic. What’s on the label is guaranteed to be in the bottle, and over 600 Olympic and professional athletes trust only this brand.

Q: Is this program gluten-free?

 A: All the supplements and products that are included in the cost of your program are gluten-free. You will be preparing your own food during the 21 days (or dining out) based on your own bioindividual needs. If you’d like your 21 days to be gluten-free that is 100% doable.

Q: Is this program safe for pregnant or breast feeding women?

 A: It’s important for pregnant and breast feeding women to always consult with their medical health care professionals before starting a new new health program; this program is not a substitute for professional medical care nor does it provide medical advice. That said, all products that come with the program are safe for pregnant and breast feeding women, and I can even swap out the multivitamin for a prenatal multivitamin (just email me after you register at Additionally, the program focuses on healthy eating habits, techniques and recipes and does not promote calorie restriction.

Q: What is your refund policy?

 A: I treat my digital and online offerings the same way most audio and book retailers: I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed (industry standard) or custom supplement packs (again, industry standard.) This program is non-refundable, please read the full program details and frequently asked questions before purchasing. That said, I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund, this program is loaded with useful information.


Jessica Wyman
Jessica Wyman Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Nampa, ID
With so many ideas on healthy eating out there, it’s great to finally find one program that breaks it down. It explains what to eat and WHY! The daily emails delivered content in bite sized pieces (don’t mind the pun there) that I could actually implement without feeling overwhelmed. The information is organized in steps that even a busy person can incorporate. If you want to learn how to eat clean, then this program is a must.
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