All About Happy Brain Movement

Happy Brain Movement came about from personal struggle. I knew that I was depressed, and for years I was treated with conventional medicine in the US. I was offered many bandaids, I was shuffled through many therapists, and I was very unhappy with all of it. Not only was I depressed but I was ashamed of it. Not many people around me knew except the few that saw it first hand.


I wanted a cure, not just something to numb the pain. I wanted a reason, not just a diagnoses of a mystery “chemical imbalance” that made me feel like a broken, unfixable being.


Here at Happy Brain Movement, we focus on the research. We give you the answers to why nutrition and exercise have such a huge impact on mental health. We talk about the benefits of positive psychology and we deliver tools to help you use it. Not meant to replace conventional medicine, Happy Brain Movement works along-side and helps you improve your quality of life from the inside out. We focus on the good. We want to be involved in a community of people who understand each other with plenty of empathy, compassion and courage. We are the brave. We aren’t afraid to talk about it.


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